Thanks for joining us on our RAWKANVAS journey, we're so glad to have you here.

So you can get to know us a little better, we thought we'd share with you the story behind RAWKANVAS - how it all began, what we believe in and what we live by.

Here's to your confidence, naturally.


We're Simona and Shannon, two thirty-something women who built RAWKANVAS from the ground-up after meeting at work in our early twenties!

Bonding over a mutual love of beauty, health and wellness we knew we had the creative ingredients and business know-how to make something great together. Both obsessed with skincare, we also knew that something was missing in the industry at the time - beauty that was healthy, stunning, pampering, good for the planet, the list goes on. And so, RAWKANVAS was born.

Months of research, formulating, designing and testing ensued as we partnered with a team of chemists to create our dream collection that ticked all of the boxes.
We really wanted to set ourselves apart from ordinary skincare brands. We're bold, bright, loud and effective.

Having complete balance is at the heart of what we strive to achieve. Our team is based between Australia, United States and New Zealand working flexibly around their life commitments. This balance allows our team to focus on providing our customers with the best products and service.

Then and now, we create products that WE use everyday and we think of you while we create them. We celebrate YOUR skin - the best it can be! Because we all have the canvas, we're bringing you the raw goodness.


Skin. It’s what we live in.

It paints a picture of who we are, from the outside. When it’s looking good, it makes us feel good on the inside.

Our skin doesn’t define us, but it does tell a story about who we are and where we’ve been.

Our scars tell stories of hardship and endurance, our fine lines tell stories of late nights and laughter.

Our skin helps paint a picture of who we are, but it’s also just the foundation, it’s the canvas for our own creativity and self expression.

When we feel comfortable in our own skin we have the confidence to be who we want to be and we become our best selves.

Our skin endures so much in life just as we do. So love your skin, feel confident in your skin and take the time to care for your skin as much as it truly cares for you.

Nourish your skin with natural, naturally derived or nature identical ingredients that will have your skin radiant like the sun, hydrated like the ocean and nutrient rich like the earth.

Be confident, naturally.



We use active ingredients that aren’t commonly used in other skincare brands. We are leaders in our field, experimenting with powerful and effective natural, naturally derived or nature identical ingredients to create innovative products that work.


Backed by science, nature has some of the most powerful and gentle ingredients you can use to create highly effective vegan and cruelty-free products to nourish and improve the appearance of your skin.


Having complete confidence in your own skin is at the heart of what we do. Healthy skin not only looks great but feels incredible too, and when we feel good, it shows. We want everyone to not only look good, but feel great in their skin too. To feel liberated and confident in their own natural beauty. Make up is an amazing source of creativity and self expression but it shouldn’t be a necessity, or a mask to hide behind. Our purpose is to restore and nourish your skin leaving you with the liberating choice of expressing your beauty, however you choose.


From day one, our business model has incorporated recyclable glass packaging, recycled print materials for our postage and product boxes, compostable starch fill within our postage boxes too, coupled with an incentivized recycling program. This ensures that RAWKANVAS reduces unnecessary emissions in the beauty world all the while giving packaging a new life, time and time again.